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Moody PNW Engagement

Golden Ears Provincial Park, BC

Golden Ears is one of our favourite shoot locations because there are so many different places in the park to get a variety of shots - lakes, rivers and trees (what more could you want?!). This lake front might be the top spot of that list! It's always nice and bright no matter the weather and we love how the clouds sit on the mountains.

The weather isn't always sunny in Greater Vancouver as I'm sure you know if you call this beautiful place home, but even when it's cloudy and suggesting there may be rain it is still incredible! We had some really cool moody weather for Megan + Kael's engagement session last fall - can you tell that we came here for sunrise???

We loved getting to run around on the beach and in the woods with the two of them and their adorable dog! If you're trying to decide whether to bring your dog to your photos the answer should always be yes. It adds a little element of crazy and means the whole family gets to be included. Unfortunately their cat couldn't make it here but maybe for the wedding ;)

We can't wait to start doing engagement sessions again next Fall for our 2021 weddings - it's such a fun few hours to meet all our couples and help you get used to being in front of the camera before the big day! All of our wedding packages come with a complimentary engagement session because we really value this time to get to know each other! We are going to spend the whole day together at your wedding and love being able to support you in any way we can.

To all the couples working to plan or re-plan your weddings during this time our hearts go out to you while you make these tough decisions. We know you will get there and when you do it's going to be beautiful and full of love. Until then, relax on your couch, hug the people you can and call the people you can't. And look at some cute pictures of these three!

xo Sarah and Olivia

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