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"It's just a garden party with a wedding on the side." | Intimate North Van Backyard Wedding

North Vancouver, BC

If we could describe this wedding in 3 words they would be: intimate, detailed, fun. Lauren and Nick got married on the most beautiful July day in the front yard of her childhood home. This stunning heritage home was the perfect backdrop for their intimate ceremony with family and friends. Lauren's vision was truly brought to life on the day through all of the well executed personalized touches. As she declared throughout the day "It's just a garden party where we are also getting married." From the custom signage complete with photos of their grandparents, to the numerous crystal glasses that she thrifted, to the hundreds of home dried orange slices, homemade florals and the macrame hanging and arch that was hand-crafted by the bride herself, this wedding truly felt like we were being welcomed into their home and their life together. A ceremony filled with the most heartwarming, loving vows left everyone (yes, even us) in tears and huge smiles.

Perhaps the most creative and fun part of the day came when the bride announced that it was time for the "Tournament" at the park across the street. Everyone packed up supplies and we headed across the boulevard for a full blown wedding day competition. There were multiple races, including egg and spoon, potato sack, and a three legged race. This unique event left all of the guests smiling and laughing, and was a great way to add a little fun and personality into their wedding.

As the sun set, the guests enjoyed special appetizers provided by family and close friends (Olivia is still dreaming about Lauren's mom's cabbage salad and their neighbour's homemade curry pastries) alongside tacos from the Tacofino food truck that was parked out front. A tip that worked well at this wedding: when having a food truck, consider suggesting that guests go up to order whenever they want throughout the allotted time frame, rather than going table by table. This made the process go faster for individuals as there was no big rush of one large table at a time and led to a more laid back, casual cocktail hour style vibe.

We wrapped up the day with a cake cutting of a sweet vintage style cake. One of our favourite trends we have seen this year has been having photos of parents/grandparents on their wedding day at the cake cutting table. Such a cute way to honour your loved ones! As we headed out for the night the dance party started, and we know these guests were definitely dancing under the moonlight late into the night!

Vendor Team

Photographers: Olive & Bean Photography

Dress: Free People

Food Truck: Tacofino

Cookies: Panela Lemon