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Guide | Tips for Maternity & in-home Newborn Sessions

Vancouver urban maternity session and sweet in home newborn family photos. Read our tips for maternity and newborn clients to get ready for your session!

The beginnings of parenthood are so special and move SO fast especially when you’re not sleeping all the time. One of our favourite things is to get to photograph your family through this process! We love being able to meet your family as it’s growing and shoot a maternity and newborn package! If this is your first child maternity photos will be similar to a couples session - and some sweet last moments when it’s just the two of you! If you have other kids or pets already you can choose to include them for a maternity/family session or not!

Maternity session location! Our newborn photos typically happen in your home where you can be comfortable and we can take breaks if baby needs to eat or play. For maternity photos we can either do them in your home as well or pick a fun location somewhere else! This could be a walk through your old neighbourhood like we did with Cheryl and Phil, your favourite beach picnic spot, the park you had your first date or anything else! We love both urban and nature shoots so we’re up for either! If you don’t have a special location in mind we can recommend a few based on whether you’re looking for city, beach, forest, etc. We especially loved this rainy day urban shoot in Vancouver!

In Home Lifestyle Family Newborn

After your baby is born nd you’ve had a chance to settle in we will come to your house and take some photos of you all together in your space! If your baby has siblings (human or animal) they are always welcome to join in the snuggles. We also like to get some shots of your daily routine, whether that’s a bath in the sink, changing into a new outfit, reading books or snuggling on the couch.

Keep reading for some of our tips for getting ready for your newborn session!

Client tips for in-home newborn photos:

1. Don’t stress about cleaning the house! This isn’t a real estate shoot, it’s a family shoot so the family will be the focus. We will take photos in the rooms with the brightest light/biggest windows. Usually this is on your bed, in the living room or in the baby’s bedroom. We won’t take pictures of your dirty dishes in the sink or the laundry piled up behind the door - and are more than happy to help move the pile of toys off the couch so you ca all fit.

2. Neutral colours for your wardrobe. We recommend this for all our shoots! Keeping your wardrobe to earth tones and neutrals will be less distracting and work best with the tones we love. With that in mind no need to match completely either - Cheryl, Phil and Hana look great in their shades of grey, blue and white with a few simple patterns. If you want to have a couple outfits to choose from or to change part way through for some variety that’s perfect too! We will send you a style guide with some suggestions when you book your session too!

Keep reading for more tips.

3. The newborn photos can happen when ever you want! (After they’re born of course). Some families choose when the baby is 1-2 weeks old to capture those really tiny moments. Others wait until 3-6 weeks when the baby is a little more expressive and everyone has had some time to settle into their new routine! Whatever you choose they are going to be adorable. Hana is about 4 weeks in these photos.

4. Think of any special items you may want to include. Does your child have a stuffed animal that’s you think will be that thing they carry around forever, or a favourite book that you loved as a child? Have you spent weeks picking out little decorations for the nursery or clothing passed down from your family? These kinds of items can be fun to include in your shoot! You’ll notice Hana has a little bracelet that was a special gift from a family member. They also brought an ultrasound photo and some baby shoes to their maternity session!

These sessions are some of our favourite especially because it means we get to hang out with our clients twice and get to know them and their little families even better! If you have any questions or are interested in booking send us an email!


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